Mood board : Floral attraction

Mood board : Floral attraction | JESSCLASSY

Pink flowers have been on my mind lately. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to flowers! Everything from the pretty colors to the subtle, sweet smell ... AH! Just the thought of it makes me extremely happy! 

Another thing that makes me happy is announcing that I have a top secret project that i'm working on! Even though I have made the decision to still keep it a secret, I still wanted to share bits and pieces of it with you. I'm hoping to launch my baby to the public soon, so follow along on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page to get all of the details first! 


Instalife : 02

I'm 20 days deep into my 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram and it certainly is a challenge. I find myself being a total human and forgetting to post on some days and on other days I'm scrounging for content. 

I wanted to dedicate today's Instalife post to my #100happydays journey as well as get in touch with any other internet friends that are taking this challenge on. It's so inspiring and it kind of forces you to think positively and find the little ( or BIG ) happy moments in your life. 

If you're interested in joining me, you can sign up on the 100 Happy Days website. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for introducing me to this challenge! 

Follow my journey on Instagram! 

P.S. : Don't forget to use the hashtag #100happydays


3 Secrets to a Smoother Shave

The thing that I hate most about shaving my legs is putting so much time and effort into doing it only to get a not-so-clean shave or a noticeable hair growth the next day. Yeah, capital #NOTCUTE! 

Fortunately, I have found a quick fix to this nonsense and I want to share it with you today! If you want to know my 3 secrets to a smoother [ leg ] shave, just keep reading!


How to break through your boring routine

How to break through your boring routine | JESSCLASSY

A few weeks ago I shared an inspirational message at my internship's morning gathering. I thought that it would be appropriate to share the message of breaking through "going through the motions"and I wanted to share it here with you today. 
As you all sort of know, I work two jobs; I'm an intern at the educational institution of my dreams ( learn how to make best of your internship here! ) and an after school care leader. I typically wakeup at 6:00 a.m., leave the house by 7:30 and get home by 6:00 p.m. By the end of the day i'm so tired that it feels like the day just ran over me with a bus. 

While having a routine is nice, sometimes it's easy to just go through the motions. Most times when that "my life is boring" feeling creeps up on me I like to think of two things:

  1. Who are you helping?
  2. Who loves you?
These two questions always kick my butt back into gear and remind me that i'm serving others for a good cause. It also causes me to be grateful for where i'm at in life. Even though I may have had the crappiest week I always stop to think about the many things I am grateful for. 

What about you? How do you breakthrough your boring routine? You can Tweet me and use the hashtag #Jessclassy or jump on over to my Facebook page to leave me a comment there or just comment here! Whatever suits your happy pants <-- not sure where that came from, haha! 


32 things that make me happy

Venus Trapped in Mars

HEYOOO! I first saw this post on Venus Trapped In Mars ( check out her April fools here ) and knew that I had to join in! So here it is, 32 things that make me happy!

1. This puppy

2. The Voice
5. Hanging out with my siblings
6. Anything and everything travel sized
7. Reminding my mom of the word, "GELFITE FISH". It always gets stuck in her head. Mom, I hope       you're reading this ^.^
8. The wonderful world of Sephora
9. The perfect mirrors / lighting in the MAC pro store
10. My iPhone
12. Not having to go up a size because the sleeves on my blouse actually fit my arms
13. Sabrina's Dream
14. Company's that send me "thank you" gifts 
15. Company's that want to send me free stuff
16. The song "Your Grace is Enough" at church ... with the drums! 
17. Perfectly sculpting my eyebrows

18. Concocting the perfect shade of pink out of all 9834754983475 lipsticks I own
19. Finding a really good bargain on a makeup product I've been wanting for FOREVER
20. My Nana threatening my boyfriend and I that we are going to eat brunch
22. Nailing the, "I just woke up and didn't brush my hair, but it still looks fabulous" hair
23. Chubby babies 
24. Driving a standard car
25. Famous people that retweet / favorite my tweets
26. Making my sisters into cholas
27. FREE poi donuts
28. Pointed heels
29. Finding the perfect pair of heels from Payless, but it doesn't even look like it's from Payless
30. 50+ likes on my Instagram photos
32. My happy dance / song *starts humming*